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Hoptrup Efterskole is always full of dance, theatre, musicals and music. But the "school" part of our name isn't just for fun.

We step up the beat when it comes to the academic subjects and the teaching takes place at a high level that suits you. In recent years we have seen positive results from splitting up the teaching in some subjects based on proficiency levels. In that way, we can help you improve, wherever you are - so you can move on with your life and your education.

For the 9th grade, the following subjects are mandatory:  
Danish, Mathematics, English, Social Studies, History, Christianity, Physics / Chemistry, Biology, Geography and Sport. In addition, you must choose between German and French.

For the 10th grade, the following subjects are mandatory:  
Danish, Mathematics, English and discussion of current social issues. In addition, you can choose between Physics / Chemistry, German or French.

The academic subjects will also appear outside the classroom many times during your year at Hoptrup. It may be in connection with the musical, with our study trip or in connection with one of our many projects. So you can't avoid getting smarter even while having fun!

Also, different forms of exercise are an important part of your everyday life as a student at Hoptrup Continuation School. It's really important in order for you to keep your brain running all day long. That's why we start the day with various sports and exercise options, ranging from strength training teams like "Buttocks of Steel", Qi Gong and a game of football. You choose it yourself - several times during the year.


Let's be honest. Denmark isn't always the place where everything is happening. You can get so much inspiration out there in the big wide world. So every year we go abroad - to one of the places where things are really happening, right now.

We have been to Prague, Berlin and New York on some really great trips, and in recent years, the choice has fallen on London, where we have a number of very exciting collaborators and where the range of cultural offerings is always overwhelming and varied. Therefore, we think London is the obvious choice for our students, no matter which course you study.

We go to some of the great shows, as well as some of the more experimental things on smaller stages - but we are not just spectators. A significant part of the study trip consists of workshops, where you will work with your chosen course in foreign and professional settings with other teachers. This is the sort of experience that is sure to push your boundaries a notch or two...
Naturally, there is also time for socialising, shopping, photo sessions and really good - and sometimes very different - experiences together.
The most important thing about our trips is that we have some good, shared experiences and that we are having a nice and fun time together.


Here you can read about the school's basic values and find information about goals, etc.
The school is based on the Grundtvigian theory of education, meaning that we see a value in the whole human being, and therefore, our school should be a place where living and learning go together.
To us, it is of value that the students gain insights and understanding of cultural values and of their own lives and the world in which they live.

Based on such key aspects as having spirit and a zest for life, we want to create a space where experiences, community and education all come together in vibrant interaction, and where there is room for excitement, wonder, curiosity, as well as for seriousness and professionalism.

Based on general Christian values, history and the present, we want to give our students the best possible conditions for participating in a democratic society, while preparing them to become active and giving participants in Danish cultural life as well as in their own lives.


Hoptrup Efterskole is your home away from home for a year - and naturally, you won't be living there all by yourself. All students live in twin rooms. Boys and girls are separated. In the room, there are beds, closet, desk, chairs - and plenty of good atmosphere.

In the room corridor, there is a tea-kitchen and a living room, so you can relax and enjoy yourself with the others in a slightly more public setting.
When you have some time off, you can use all the facilities at the school. This applies to both the classrooms and our sports hall, studios, computers, gym, billiard table and living room with TV. Naturally, wireless network is available all over the place.

Most weekends you can stay at the school. Here you can, together with the teachers who are on weekend duty, help to make the program.


From your first day at Hoptrup Efterskole you will be part of a contact group. It's a kind of replacement family, now that you're away from home.
For each contact group there is a contact group teacher, and he or she is a link between school and home (where your parents live, that is ...). All agreements concerning absences etc. go through your contact group teacher.

In the contact group:
•    you have all your main meals together
•    you are jointly responsible for the cleaning of a specific school area
•    you must take special care that everyone is doing well and is treated as part of the group
•    you do a lot of other tasks and activities together
•    you will find your base - both in everyday life and also often when we are on a trip


There is no community without rules. This is also the case at Hoptrup Efterskole. The rules are in place to take care of you - and to make sure you help take care of others. In this way, we create a strong framework for our community.

As a starting point, we ask you to make a positive contribution to ensure that you and everyone else is having a really good year at the school. We believe that this may be what you are looking for if you're choosing to go to Hoptrup Continuation School. It's about using your common sense, and we expect our students to do so – the same is the case with our staff and teachers.

In addition, we have the following four very simple rules. They are there for your sake:

•    You must treat others properly and with dignity
•    You may not have any sort of sexual relations at the school
•    You must participate actively in the school work and the events that we do together
•    You may not ingest, possess or be under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Breaking any one of these rules may result in expulsion from our school.
We see each student in our school as an individual person who comes with a unique story. Therefore, we also allow ourselves to treat our students differently.

Visions and goals

It is Hoptrup Efterskole's vision,
•    to give our students the world's best continuation school experience
•    to complete our main subjects with a sense of professionalism and commitment
•    to maintain a high academic level in all subjects
•    that the foundation of our school is joy, pleasure and enthusiasm
•    to offer a creative environment that fosters development
•    that everyone who lives their life at the school is thriving
•    that the school plays an important role in the local community
•    that all places are taken and there is a waiting list
•    that the school is continuously developing
These are Hoptrup Efterskole's goals for our students.


Music Course

Do you want to develop musically - like, really develop? And you're not afraid of music theory and aural training? Then consider the music course at Hoptrup Efterskole. We promise that you will become more skilled - and that it will be challenging.

The music course at Hoptrup Efterskole is one of the most ambitious that you can find in the world of Efterskoles. Perhaps you are looking to be accepted for the MGK or some other music education. Or perhaps you just want to really immerse yourself to a high degree. No matter what, we have got the right education for you.
We work together with the Tech Music School in London and we stay up-to-date on what is the very best, just now.
On the music course we cannot set our ambitions high enough. Each concert and each project must reach a higher level - every time. But we never forget to hold on to the pleasure and joy of playing music together and being creative and experimental.

We have three music rooms packed with gear and a saxophone collection, and if you're interested in the audio-tech side of things, we have a complete Mac-based Pro Tools studio and our own record label, HE Records.
When we perform, we always do so with a professional setup when it comes to sound and lighting.
We have lessons four days a week - and if you are ready, we're ready :-)

Dance Course

Are you looking for a serious dance environment, challenges regardless of your level, many hours of training a week and lots of shows? Then the dance course at Hoptrup Efterskole is the right choice for you.
Dance plays an important role in everyday life at the school, and the subject is built up around your passion for movement. Together we will make you an even better dancer.

On the dance course, we have high ambitions. We expect you to be interested in exploring dance in its many genres and contexts. We work mostly with the genres jazz, funk, modern and show dance. We work with the techniques behind the genres and include elements from, among other things, hiphop, street dance, break, Latin and contemporary in combination with both impro and contact impro.

We practice four out of every five weekdays and there are plenty of opportunities to practice in the evening. During the year, we do four major productions: a dance show, a musical, a tour and a big show at the end of the year. All productions are of a high level and they are done in professional settings with sound, lighting and a large stage setup.
In order to challenge everyone at the right level, teaching in the dance course takes place in different classes throughout the year. Of course, when there are guest teachers, we also work across the classes.

Theatre Course

Are you serious about your acting - and would you like to develop further? Then you should consider signing up for the theatre course at Hoptrup Efterskole.

We practice four times a week and we have some of Denmark's most experienced teachers: both our permanent staff and our guest teachers.

You won't become an actor if you do not develop as a human being. We’re here to make sure that you do. At Hoptrup Efterskole you will gain a wider and deeper understanding of the art of acting and gain insights into all parts of the theatre - as art and as entertainment.

You will tread the boards again and again - and your body and stage skills will be seriously challenged. In that way, we can discover your hidden resources and make sure your expression becomes deeper, stronger, finer, all the time.
Our work is very project-oriented. This means that almost all classes finish with some form of performance in front of a small or a large audience. We work with many kinds of theatre - from the epic to the tragic to the comic. We also do manuscripts and text work - and of course, we go in-depth with scenography, lighting and scenery: all the instruments of the theatre. Most recently, actor Morten Hembo, with the support of the Danish Arts Foundation, has been a guest teacher on the theatre course.

Theatre education at Hoptrup Efterskole is much more than the normal classes. Therefore, you should expect to practice a lot and to accept the challenges you will meet. As a result of your hard work, we promise you that you will develop your skills as an actor.

Musical Course

Singing, dancing, acting - a real musical performer must be able to do it all. It is quite a skill. At Hoptrup Efterskole, we strengthen your individual skills so that you end up with a complete and strong expression on stage.

Perhaps you would like to attend the Danish Musical Academy or some other musical school elsewhere in the world. It takes hard work - and that's exactly what you should expect to deliver on the musical course here with us!

We are constantly working towards showcases and performances. The content of the musical course is very broad and places great demands on your discipline and flexibility.

Our work targets voice training, ensemble singing, dance training, choreography, stage fighting, repertoire and much more. In return for your hard work, you gain a wider range of expressions, and your character work and knowledge of the world of music will be expanded.

We hold a lot of master classes throughout the year and work on how to move effortlessly and naturally back into the main storyline following a song or a dance scene. It isn't easy, but this is where the musical genre really unfolds and succeeds. With the support of the Danish Arts Foundation, we have had great success using actor Morten Hembo as guest teacher at the musical line.

Admission procedure

If you are interested in becoming a student at Hoptrup Efterskole, you can do two things:

•    You can either call us on (+45) 7457 1014 and we will ask you for the             information we need,
•    Or you can fill out our information form here and we will contact you for further details.

Once the formalities are done with, we will arrange for a visit to the school where you can come, take a guided tour by a few of our students and talk to staff members, who may become your future teachers!

When you visit us, you will also receive an application form to take home with you. If you want to become a student here, fill in the form and send it to us as soon as possible. Please note that the application form is not the same as the information form.

When you receive a letter about admission, you must pay a DKK 2,000 admission fee. This amount is non-refundable; you are not considered to be admitted until we have registered your deposit.

We are proud of our school and what we can do, and we are looking forward to meeting you!

Contact Hoptrup Efterskole

During weekdays our office is staffed from 9.00 to 14.00 - interrupted by a lunch break between 12.15 and 12.45.

Between 17:00 and 23:00 it is possible to contact the school on the watch phone - (+45) 29 43 80 70. This phone is answered if possible by the night watchman. There may be situations where it is not possible to answer this phone.

Read more about The Danish Efterskole please click here.

To learn more about efterskole please click here.

Stagecraft Course

If you're a nerd in the best kind of way, and if you want to use your skills for doing something serious after your stay at Hoptrup, then have a look at our stagecraft line. It is not for the faint-hearted.

There may be those who sing, act and dance. But if you don't make sure that all the technical stuff is in order - well, then it won't look like much.

Whether you want to practice your hobby or you want to work professionally with sound and lighting, we have the ultimate offer for you. You can gain great insights into the subject and we can prepare you for admission to the Event Technician program or other stagecraft-related education.

The stagecraft course at Hoptrup Efterskole consists of several basic courses, where you will venture in-depth into both sound and lighting. We have a lot of top equipment - digital mixers, recording studio, large PA, analogue and digital light pads, lots of intelligent lamps - and we acquire new stuff all the time.
Once we have the basics in place, you can immerse yourself in your own chosen area of specialisation. In order to achieve the highest possible level, we regularly bring in guest teachers with a deep knowledge of their subjects.

We collaborate with several professional audio and visual companies that help ensure a high level of teaching and that we always have access to the coolest equipment. See more about guest teachers and collaborators on the next page.
You can quickly become responsible for running events at the school, and after some time you can also go out and help solve tasks outside the school. We collaborate with several rental companies, so you will get to see things from a very professional perspective.

You should expect to spend some of your weekends and evenings on the stagecraft course, as the events you're setting up are rarely within normal school hours. On the other hand, you will get some experience and a recommendation to take with you, which will allow you to seek jobs where things are really happening: at theatres, stages, festivals and more.